Thursday, September 07, 2006

What A Great Idea!

Bill Atkinson's new book "Within the Stone" is a brilliant, (pun intended), idea. The 11 X 12 inch hard cover is 180 pages of beautiful images of polished rocks each accompanied by a poem or essay written by a well-known writer.
It began innocently enough. While photographing the Painted Desert, Atkinson became intrigued with the brilliant colors in the petrified wood scattered on the ground. He brought home some polished rocks, photographed them under glare-free lighting, and was captivated. The photographs looked more like paintings of forgotten dreams than either rocks or photographs. Atkinson proceeded to photograph thousands of art-quality polished rocks, bought or borrowed from international dealers and collectors, and to refine his photographic techniques.
To see large previews of these incredible images click here.