Wednesday, September 20, 2006

High Quality Full Color Short Run Printing - Very Cool!

I believe I've seen the future of the digital full color printing press. Recently Dennis Mortensen at took my Photoshop for Photographers class workbook and printed it in full color with a perfect bound wrap cover, Wow!

He did a beautiful job and at a price that I couldn't come close to matching online. Dennis has been producing our full color business cards and jumbo post card series for awhile, always producing a beautiful product at a great price.

The beauty of his new full color, digital press is that I can order one or a hundred and get a great looking product without having to print 2500 units to get a reasonable per unit price.

If you have need of full color printing and don't want to turn your business into a storage facility or take out a bank loan to print your next run of full color letterhead then Dennis is definitely worth checking out.