Saturday, September 23, 2006

Robert Frank - My Heroes (cont.)

As a student in the photography program at Phoenix College I would often spend hours in the library looking at books by famous photographers. I remember my first encounter with Robert Frank. The images I found in "The Americans" gave me an uneasy feeling. The kind of feeling you get when you don't quite have your balance.

"The Americans" was the antithesis of the America found in most magazines, newspapers and on television. He was showing us ourselves and in a way that could not be misunderstood.
As Kerouac writes in his introduction, Frank's photographs had "sucked a sad, sweet, poem out of America"

At the time of it's first publishing "The Americans" didn't sell well and certainly didn't get good reivews. Sales and reivews have changed dramatically over the years. To learn more about Robert Frank click here.