Monday, August 07, 2006

Shame On You!

I truly enjoy teaching Photoshop to professional and amateur photographers. It's a wonderful tool, but like any tool it can be misused. As a former photojournalist I was shocked to see Reuters, a very large and powerful news agency, post a "news" photo from Lebanon that was, (even to the untrained eye), obviously altered in Photoshop or some other Photo software. I have no idea what the photographer was thinking or the editor that allowed it to be published. Did he want to make the events he was covering appear more tragic in order to improve the chance of being published? Does he have a political agenda? Both motives are diametrically opposed to the code of ethics that professional journalists aspire to and risk their lives serving. This should send a chill through every news agency and turn the stomach of every honest journalist. To see what other photographers are saying about this scandal go to