Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My Heroes Have Always Been Photographers*

AP Photo by Eddie Adams
I first met Eddie Adams in 1972, Allen Dutton another hero, took me to a program that had several famous photographers speaking and showing their work. Eddie Adams was one of the speakers. I had never heard a photographer speak with that kind of passion. I still remember the stories he told and the amazing images... it was a day I will remember as long as I live, it was the day I decided to become a photographer.

I was privileged to assist Eddie on several photos shoots and to staff his workshop. He was a complicated personality, brutally honest and extraodinarily compassionate and I believe you can see those traits in his images. To read stories about Eddie, written by those who knew him best, click here. To see a few of the exceptional images he made, click here.

*With apologies to Willie and Waylon. Cowboys make good heroes too.