Saturday, December 23, 2006

Imogen Cunningham - My Heroes (cont.)

"In 1901, at the age of 18, Cunningham bought her first camera, a 4x5 inch view camera, from the American School of Art in Scranton, Pennsylvania. She soon lost interest and sold the camera to a friend. It wasn’t until 1906, while studying at the University of Washington in Seattle, that she was inspired by an encounter with the work of Gertrude Kasebier to take up photography again. With the help of her chemistry professor, Dr. Horace Byers, she began to study the chemistry behind photography; she subsidized her tuition by photographing plants for the botany department."

Imogen Cunningham went on to become one of the true pioneers of American photography with a career that mixed commercial and fine art success in a wide variety of subjects. To learn more about the life of this amazing woman click here. To see more images click here.