Monday, December 04, 2006

David Bailey - My Heroes (cont.)

Blowup, a 1960's movie whose hero is loosely based upon British photographer David Bailey, swelled the student ranks at many schools of photography within a few weeks of it's release.

The irony of Blowup is that the movie, as hedonistic as it is, pales when compared to Bailey's real life.
He has been married to some of the world's most beautiful women, including the lady pictured above, Catherine Deneuve, and his private life for better or worse has been detailed in the British press for decades. He was the original jet set photographer and almost as well known as the rock stars and movie legends he photographed.

His, larger than life, career has somewhat overshadowed his contributions to photography. His, "let's peek behind the curtain," style of photographing celebrities became incredibly popular with the public and sparked a demand that has grown exponentially over the years. For me the secret to a great David Bailey image is the feeling that you are seeing something that the subject just wouldn't show to another photographer.

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