Thursday, July 05, 2007

Where Have All The Pictures Gone?

We celebrated the 50th Anniversary of my Father and Mother-in-Law this past weekend. In the week or so leading up to the big event I began putting together a slide show of images that chronicled their life before and after their wedding. The final edit held more than 100 photographic prints. Prints of importance to be scanned, sized and included in the DVD that played at their Saturday night celebration.

If you're wondering what all this has to do with the title of this post.. hang on I'm getting there. There was a time when photos, (prints), were precious. A fireman once told me that normal folks will only run back into a burning building for one of the three P's... People, Pets and Pictures. Could you lay your hands on 100 meaningful printed images from your life? I doubt if I could. We are making more and more digital images and fewer and fewer prints. Where have all the photographs gone? Will we have our memories as we grow older? I hope so. I was reminded this past weekend why they are so precious.

Happy Anniversary Bob & Bonnie you two are the best!