Friday, April 27, 2007

Edge Of The Earth Corner Of The Sky - Book Review

Published in August 2003, with Forewords by Robert Redford and John H. Adams, Edge of the Earth/Corner of the Sky is the first landscape based photography book that Art Wolfe has produced since Light on The Land. It's subject... our earth.

Of the fifty-six books that Wolfe has produced in his thirty year career, Edge may be the most ambitious. The book is physically imposing at 11" X 14", with 130 images on 240 pages, (many double trucks), in landscape format.

The five sections, Desert, Ocean, Mountain, Forest and Polar open with a 2,000 word essay by Art Davidson. Normally the essays might keep me from getting too interested, (I'm an image guy and make no apology for my bias), however, in this case they really make the book. The slant is certainly towards environmental conservation but that's OK, they say so up front. And while I'm an image guy, I'm also a conservationist. The essays are beautifully written and not at all "preachy".

Edge of the Earth/Corner of the Sky gets 4 out of a possible 5 Stars. The book retails for $75.00 but the good news is... it's probably at your local library, that's where I found this copy!