Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Garry Winogrand - My Heroes (cont.)

Although he didn't invent "street photography" Garry Winogrand, may have re-invented it.

"As we walked out of the building, he wrapped the Leica's leather strap around his hand, checked the light, quickly adjusted the shutter speed and f/stop. He looked ready to pounce. We stepped outside and he was
on. We quickly learned Winogrand's technique--he walked slowly or stood in the middle of pedestrian traffic as people went by. He shot prolifically. I watched him walk a short block and shoot an entire roll without breaking stride. As he reloaded, I asked him if he felt bad about missing pictures when he reloaded." "No," he replied, "there are no pictures when I reload."

To learn more about this controversial and influential documentarian read Mason Resnick's "A Workshop With Garry Winogrand."