Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Need To Send A Big File? Check Out Dropload!

Recentlyl I had to send a very large Jpeg file to an editorial client in France. The image was going to run full bleed, double truck, (approx. 11" X 17") at 300 dpi. The digital file was far too large to email and the timeline wouldn't allow for physical delivery sooo... I uploaded it to my free Dropload account and Dropload notified my client, (by email), and my client downloaded the file. The entire scenario played out in about 30 minutes. My upload was very quick and my client had a broadband connection so the slowest part of the equation was the notification. If you don't abuse the service it will continue to be free. You can send up to a 100 MB file. I use the service no more than once a week and have never had a problem. Check them out at www.dropload.com